Black and white image of a professional climbing a ladder to apply a coat of primer on a wall
Black and white image of a professional climbing a ladder to apply a coat of primer on a wall


Several layers of primers on a microcement surface

The phase of preparing the surface to be coated is key to getting an excellent finish, and our microcement primers are most suitable to enjoy your renovated spaces in all their splendor. Meexe Primer is a full range of adhesion promoters designed to strengthen both vertical and horizontal supports. You will treat the areas where you are going to work with professional and highest quality products.

The microcement primers by Meexe enhance the application of the initial layers of this coating on all surfaces. With this preparation coat, we will seal the pores and isolate the support. Even if it is seen with the naked eye, it is not magic: it is the result of our experience and know-how.



The microcement primer Meexe Primer 100 strengthens the surface and controls absorption. It is indicated for treating the area before coating any absorbent surface.

Microcement coating on the floor of a house with a view of a garden and decorated in a minimalist style

The ABC of Microcement Primer: 3 benefits

The primer is, after the cleaning of the surface, an essential step prior to the installation of microcement or other coatings. If you are a professional in the sector, you will be well aware of its benefits.

Facilitates the union of the microcement to the surface on which it is going to be applied.

Protects the support from humidity and other external agents, and favors the resistance of the cladding.

Guarantees the best finishes by facilitating varnishing.

Microcement adhesion promoter applied by roller on a cementitious support

When is it recommended to use microcement primer?

At Meexe, we recommend that professionals apply primers on all surfaces they are going to cover with microcement or other components. Depending on the characteristics of each support, their benefits will be specific to the needs they present.

On porous surfaces, the primer will help prevent the support from absorbing too much during the application of the first layers of microcement. On smooth and slippery surfaces, it will provide adherence to be able to apply the coverage without problems.

Softer or deteriorated surfaces will require prior preparation before applying the microcement primer. The product will then serve to achieve a uniform application.

The microcement primer provides an extra level of protection against moisture on surfaces that require it, regardless of other characteristics. If you have any doubts during the preparation process, at Meexe we have professionals who will help you resolve them.